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Kelsey and Brian Wedding
February 23, 2020
Martha and Sean
Wedding Date January 18, 2020
Heather and Tim Wedding Highlights
Wedding Date Oct 12 2019 at The Winerie
Dee Mari and Coreys Wedding
Wedding Date Oct 4 2019 at The VOL Clubhouse
Linda and Jeffs Wedding Highlights
Wedding Date Sept 14 2019 at The Donauschwaben German Club
Lauren and Adams Wedding
Wedding Date Sept 28 2019 Shale Creek Golf Club
Cylinda and Lances Wedding Highlights
Wedding Date August 25 2019 at The Courthouse Marriott Inn downtown Akron
Erinn and Mike Diamond Wedding
Wedding Date June 15 2019 at The Ritz downtown Cleveland
Ashley and Jons Wedding
May 29, 2019
Mike and Erinns Engagement Session
April 18, 2019
The Peacoe Family
May 29, 2019

Investment & Facts

"When you look back on your Wedding Day years from now...How will you remember those amazing moments? Will it all be a blur, or will you have hired a True Artist to document and create those one of a kind memorable moments?"

 Your Photos are such an important part of the Investment for your Wedding Day. After the whirlwind and excitement of the day is over... your Photos and Video that document the beauty, joy and tears of your special day...is what you have left to keep your memories alive .Your Memories are well worth preserving in an Artistic way by choosing to invest in a professional photo artist.

        Every Wedding Package Includes:

  • All Digital Negatives as High Resolution images on a DVD or USB Drive
  • All images Color & Exposure corrected
  • Full Copyright Release of all images
  • 6 months free Online proofing and ordering
  • Custom Photo Gallery App
  • Personalized Photography Gift Registry

      Our Packages start at $1,900 to $5.500

Contact us to learn more about our Package options and A la Carte' Services.  We will also be happy to customize a Package that is just right for you.

We offer Beautiful Italian Made Flushmount Albums and other Products

These beautiful handmade Italian Albums will display the story of your Wedding Day as "Art" with grace and elegance. Combining the uniqueness of handmade binding, lustrous papers, and a variety of artistic one of a kind layouts. Go to www.AlbumEpoca.com

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you photograph weddings?


I love photography and photographing everything in general! But when I shot my first Wedding over 25 years ago, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Photographs keep memories alive forever. I photograph weddings not only because it's extra fun, but also because I believe it is important to capture those special moments for you and your families.


How do you define your style as a wedding photographer?

 I shoot very much with a photojournalist approach which captures genuine and candid moments as they unfold throughout the course of your wedding day. However, we do this with an aesthetic eye that combines vintage, feminine, and classic styles. I try to stay away from cliché poses and feel each individual is beautiful in their own way. "UN-photogenic" people need not to worry either, because I don't believe in the word!

What kind of art/which artists influence you?

I find a great amount of influence from my love and fascination with romantic cinematography. Inspired by the film noir era of the 1940's and 50's to directors such as David Lynch, I draw from the visual motifs, characters, camera angles, lighting effects, and the story lines that characterize these films. Focusing on themes of storytelling, fantasy and reality, desire and romance, fun, laughter and tears as well as paying close attention to detail.

How do we secure a date?

Once you confirm your date with us, a signed contract and a retainer in amount of $500 will hold the date for you. The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use the latest professional digital equipment, which includes Nikon Digital SLR cameras with professional lenses. We also provide additional strobes and external lighting when necessary. I carry back up equipment as a safety percaution.

Why shoot digital?

We shoot for the quality of an image. Digital provides us with instant results, high resolution images that allows to be flexible in terms of choosing b/w or color for an image and other options we can discuss with you.

What products and serviced do you offer?

We are always keeping a eye out for the latest products and books to offer you. We offer a choice of matte and flush albums, coffee table style books, prints, Hi-Res DVDs, USB drives and an array of additional shoots and sessions. Your album can be customized by size and material. If there's anything you'd like us to look into for your wedding, let us know. We're very open to new ideas!

Why are the products and services offered a la carte?

I do have 4 popular packages to choose from but just like your wedding day, we like to customize your service so you get just what you want.

What is the private website that will show our images and how can we order prints?

All the images from your wedding will be uploaded to a private website so you and your guests will be able to view them online. This will allow you to share all your wedding images with friends and family, where they can view and order prints at their own leisure. Your viewing/ordering website will be available to you for 6 months.

Do you offer destination weddings?

Yes! I love to travel and can work with you on your destination wedding to provide you with the best coverage on your big day.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes. Every image from your wedding is processed according to the following: color balance, density, saturation, and optimized composition. In addition, I offer customised retouching to present your memories in the most beautiful way possible. Some of my packages includes custom retouching or you can add this feature a la carte'.  If you have an extra special request for retouching, just let me know and we can customize a quote depending on the scale of project involved.

Where can we find your prices?

Our prices and 'a la carte' items are constantly updated as we add new products and ideas. To receive a current price list from us, contact us via email with your wedding date and location and we'll send one right over!

We love your work, what are the next steps to reserve our wedding date?

Yes! I would love to talk with you so we can see if we are a good fit. You can call me at 813-310-6965 or send me an email through my Contact page here on my Web Site. I will respond to you with further information regarding our pricing and then set up a time to meet and discuss what you are looking for.




What will your wedding from Artistic Photography look like?

In this section we'll go through a typical wedding day process. We recognize that every wedding is unique and that every couple is different, so your wedding may not follow these exact guidelines. This is simply to give you a better idea of how we work with you to produce beautiful images of your wedding day.

Meeting You

We love to meet you face-to-face (if possible) prior to securing the date. We like the opportunity to sit down with you and have you elaborate on the details of your wedding. We find this initial meeting to be very helpful for getting to know you better. It's important to us that we have the same vision for your wedding as you do, so that we can produce the images that we know you will love and cherish! Also during this meeting we can go further into detail on different products we offer including albums and prints.

The Walk Through

In the weeks prior to the wedding day, we touch base with you and discuss the schedule and logistics of your wedding. We do this so that we can be fully prepared for every detail of the day, as well as plan our shots and locations for portraits. We prepare a timeline of the day and use this opportunity to ask about any specific photographic requests you may have for your wedding. We're also happy to team up with your planner to coordinate the details of your day.

The Wedding Day: Getting Ready

For your guests, your wedding begins at the start of the ceremony. As your photographer, we know that is definitely not the case for the bride! We start the day photographing you at your getting ready location, wherever it may be. We cherish this part of the day because it is different from any other part of the wedding day. It's your time to relax, anticipate, and be excited for the day to come. As you're getting your hair and make-up done and having girl-time with your bridesmaids we use this time to set up shots of any detail items: your dress, shoes, jewelry, flowers, rings, invitations... anything that's special for your day, we want to take a picture of it! We know you've spent hours picking out the right items for your wedding to fit your personality and style, and we want to make sure to capture that.

The "First Look"

Traditionally this would happen as you're walking down the aisle seeing your partner for the first time. More commonly, couples are deciding to have their portraits taken before the ceremony. This decision is completely up to the couple, as it is a very important moment! If you choose to have your photos taken before the ceremony, we gladly set up a "first look" between the couple. We find a secluded setting in which this moment can happen. We ask family and the bridal party for privacy as you see each other for the first time. This is a really amazing moment to photograph, and in many cases, has brought us to tears ourselves! The emotion captured in this moment is so completely genuine and full of love.

Couple and Bridal Party Portraits

This is where we can let our creativity flow as we capture images unique to you and your partner. We want you to look and feel natural in front of the camera. We will put you at ease with little tricks of the trade to bring out your genuine personality. We know that you planned your wedding to be unique, and we love to push the boundaries to provide you with unique and artistic photographs.

Family and Group Shots

Of course we also know it’s important to both you and your family that we photograph everyone together. Feel free to provide us with a list of necessary family shots you would like us to take. We will choose a suitable location to set these up in a timely manner. They are just as important as every other shot we take!


The ceremony is what your wedding is centered around. We are very keen to the important parts of the ceremony and to be on our toes to capture these moments. We are very aware of our presence and make sure to not be a distraction to you or your guests during the ceremony.


The reception is the time for celebration! We focus on capturing photos of your guests having a great time, from the first dance, to toasts, cutting the cake, and letting loose on the dance floor. As professionals, we move quickly and quietly throughout the reception. If you request a seconded photographer, we can supply you with an even wider range and variety of candid shots.

End of the Night

Before we leave we always make sure check in with you. We also want to say our goodbyes and congratulate you on a wedding well done!


"Before and After Retouching"

Here is an example of Coustom Retouching of an image. There are so many things that can be done to inhanse an image and many examples that can be shone but it depends on what the image needs in order to make it look better. This particular image is a sample of "custom retouch" work done to even out the skin tone, minimize imperfections, airbrush and make eyes sparkle.

"Custom Retouching" comes in 3 of our Packages or you can choose to request only a select few images to be Retouched at a pro rated rate.

Basic Retouching encludes, Minimizing imperfections and wrinkles, Airbrush skin, Whiten teeth, thinning figures, opening closed eyes, removing distractions from backgrounds, turning images Black & White, etc.

There is an additional charge for more advanced Graphic Art work. Call for details...



I want to thank everyone who gave me excellent reviews on "The Knot" and "Today's Bride"!  I'm proud to let you know that because of all of you, my wonderful clients, I've now won Best Of Weddings for the 7th year in a row as well as an honored place in the Best of Weddings Hall of Fame!!! It's such a Blessing and Honor to know and serve you all!!!

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